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How to Measure for an RV Cover (Important Tips)

The best way to ensure an RV cover will fit properly is to measure your vehicle.

Even if you have the manufacturer’s specifications right in front of you, it’s still a good idea to physically measure the RV to account for any add-ons, spare tires, luggage racks, etc.

So, let’s learn how to measure for an RV cover so that you can get the right fit (the first time around)!


How RV Covers Are Measured Step-By-Step

To find the right-sized RV cover, measure the two longest points of your RV, including the ladders, bumpers, spare tire, etc. (excluding the hitch, if applicable). Double-check the height by measuring the RV sidewall, excluding ground clearance and rooftop accessories.

Let’s look at each of these steps in more detail and highlight a few important tips to ensure a proper RV cover fit.

What You’ll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil and paper

How to Measure for an RV Cover

Now that we got the tools we need let’s get to measuring!

The steps below will help you get an accurate measurement for a GoGoFunFun RV cover or any major RV cover brands like East Captain, Leader Covers, RV Masking, etc.

Plus, check out the diagram below for a visual representation of how to measure each type of RV, from fifth wheel trailers to Class-A motorhomes.

How to Measure for an RV Cover (Important Tips)
RV Cover Measurement Guide

Step 1: Measure the Length of the RV

First, and most importantly, you will want to measure the length of the RV or trailer from the two longest points on the vehicle. This includes ladders, spare tires, and the bumper. See the diagram above for examples.

Be sure to exclude the hitch and front tongue, if applicable.

Step 2: Measure the Height of the RV

Next, measure the sidewall height of the RV from the top roofline down to the outside frame. Do not stop at the top of the wheel well or measure all the way to the ground. And do not include any rooftop accessories like AC units or vents in your measurement.

The diagram above will give you a visual representation of the correct way to measure the height of your RV.

Step 3: Measure the Width of the RV

Optionally, you can measure the width of your RV. Most RV covers are designed to fit the height and width of most recreational vehicles and camper trailers, but it’s never a bad idea to get a measurement and ensure the cover will fit before you buy it.

Tip: This measurement really comes in handy if you plan on using an RV top cover, which is basically a cover or tarp that just protects the roof and a few feet on each side.

Standing at the front of your vehicle, measure the width from one side to the other. Do not include the mirrors or awnings in your measurements.

You’ll want to add the height of both sides and the width of the RV and compare that to the width of the camper cover you plan to buy to ensure it will properly cover your vehicle.

Important: Your cover should be a little loose when first draping it over your RV. You will be able to tighten it with straps to ensure a tight fit.

All that’s left is to choose an RV cover that’s high-quality and sized to your RV. We recommend GoGoFunFun RV Covers, but there are other high-quality brands like Leader Covers RV Covers that will work just fine to protect your investment while it’s in storage.

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